(5 Answers to)* Where Would I Wear a Corset?

Where Would I Wear a Corset?

(5 Answers to)* Where Would I Wear a Corset?

The most common comment I receive when I tell people that I am a corset maker is, “Where would I wear a corset?” (Okay, I don’t actually have statistics on this, maybe it is second or third most common, but definitely top three.) My favourite answer is something I overheard years ago in a clothing boutique. The sales girl was trying to help a woman who was completely torn as to whether she could justify the purchase of this dress that she was more than a little infatuated with. She told her, “If you love it you will find occasions to wear it.”

Now this might sound like some salesperson just trying to close the sale, and maybe it was, but my personal experiences have demonstrated the wisdom of these words. Over the years I have purchased numerous garments that I loved on sight, but that I wasn’t exactly sure when or where I would wear them. These were always quality garments and thus not inexpensive. As the years passed I found myself wearing them more and more. My life seemingly changed to fit these garments, ones that spoke to me about who I am.

But I’m guessing that you didn’t read the title of this and continue reading for some rather abstract philosophy on dressing yourself. You want concrete examples on when you could wear a corset. So here goes:

1. Wedding – On a bride’s special day there is something so comforting about a perfectly fit corset bodice on her gown.

2. Party / Formal dress occasion – At a party, formal or otherwise, everyone wants to stand out and a corset definitely will turn heads.

3. Shapewear – A corset was shapewear before shapewear became part of our everyday vocabulary.

4. Costume – When creating your next Halloween (or Mardi Gras, Masquerade Ball, Renaissance Faire, etc.) costume a beautiful corset can take it to the next level.

5. The office – I know your first reaction is most likely “not at my office.” Rather picture yourself standing tall in a modest underbust corset in a neutral color or suiting wool paired with a blouse, skirt, and jacket.

So next time you see a corset that catches your eye, look closer: What do you love about it. How would you feel to be wrapped up in it? At least you won’t have to wonder where will I be able to wear it.

Main image courtesy of „Pretty Little Liars“ ABC Family

*My marketing guru told me that people were more likely to read this post if I created a numbered list.