Zürich skyline mountains

Summer Recap – NYC and Zürich

As much as I would like to ignore the calendar (the one in the atelier that I conveniently forgot to advance to October until last week) and pretend that summer is not over, the weather is not making it easy to deny that autumn is here. Now do not get me wrong, autumn is perfect for introspection, inspiration, but more on that coming soon. However, as someone who loves hot sunny days, hot summer showers, and afternoon thunderstorms, it is always sad for me to see summer end. As I have been terribly remiss in keeping you up to date on the happenings here at deux lunes, enjoying the summer too much I guess, let’s recap a bit. You can file this under “Belated update.”

ococ15 banquet - Jesus College Oxford dining hall

Oxford Conference of Corsetry ’15 – Part 1

First an apology, or an excuse if you prefer: Things have been crazy busy around here with a bunch of changes going on at deux lunes – new atelier, new city, early stages of new designs, a small party to plan. Because of this, I have been doing a terrible job of keeping all of you up to date. Rest assured that I will soon be writing lots more in this space. But first, the Oxford Conference of Corsetry ’15

tartan corset - oxford conference of corsetry

Beginnings and The Oxford Conference of Corsetry 2014

Welcome to the first posting to the deux lunes magazine. It’s been a crazy busy time here as we are excitedly preparing for the roll out of our first deux lunes corset collection as well as the official launch of deux lunes. I’ve beensketching, designing, fitting, sourcing fabrics and embellishments, and finally starting to sew the garments that we will be presenting to you. I’m so excited for the upcoming photo shoot, and the opportunity to show off what I have been doing.