Psyche Chimère is wearing a custom deux lunes corset.

Kirk Whitmer is an incredible designer of high-end women’s corsets

Kirk has a superb eye for quality materials and color/texture composition. In addition, he exhibits exceptional workmanship on his creations, with meticulous attention to fine details and accents as well as a natural instinct for how the overall gestalt of a piece can best fit the intended wearer and the environment/situation the wearer intends for the garment.

He is a delight to work with, and an excellent listener. He will take your raw, unformed idea, (or a meticulously thought out idea) and ask all the right questions in order to turn it into exactly what you wanted, except better. His considerable knowledge and experience in fashion design allows him to provide the right combination of practical direction and guidance while working with the client to achieve a final product that beautifully reflects the client’s unique personality.

I am extremely happy with the corset that Kirk created for me; photos of myself in this gorgeous corset have been published in Ladies of Steampunk magazine. The fit of the corset is amazing, allowing me both excellent mobility and an enviable silhouette during my stage performances.

I also want to also stress again that Kirk has exceptional people skills in addition to his impressive technical abilities. He sets you at ease and makes you feel comfortable discussing any and all of the aspects relating to your garment needs. He's also kind and personable and great to talk to in general. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a high-end, well-made custom garment, and especially anyone who wants a stunningly beautiful, comfortable, and uniquely-flattering corset.

– Miss Psyche Chimère
Nadia is wearing a custom deux lunes corset.

My corset emphasizes the best features and conceales the flaws of my figure

The corset I got from Kirk was custom made to fit my body shape. He took in consideration every aspect of creative process and the result was impeccable. The design was precisely thought out. It emphasized the best features and concealed the flaws of my figure. The quality of his work is perfection.

It took a few fittings to get the final product. Kirk was polite and patient with me. He was considerate of my schedule and time of the fittings was always convenient for me.

– Nadia V.
Andrea is wearing The Minimal in a special Steampunk edition.

This is my very first corset and I love the flattering shape

I've never intended to wear a corset but I received one as a gift from my sister. I'm not really curvy at all, and when I first put on the corset, I couldn't believe it! I have a waist! I love the flattering shape and I'm also surprised at how comfortable the corset is.

– Andrea P.

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