Why deux lunes?


Hand-made in NYC

Our corsets are hand-crafted in Brooklyn, NY and made to your exact measurements.


Highest Quality Materials

We construct our corsets from the highest quality natural fiber fabrics and only use spring steel flat and spiral boning.


Defining Your Style

It's our mission to work with you to create a beautiful timeless corset, one that is unique to who you are.

Modern corsets

Our corsets emphasize a modern silhouette for maximum comfort. We strive to integrate corsets into today's fashion to redefine the image of the corset.

Contrary to common misconceptions, wearing a custom fitted, high-quality corset can be a very comfortable experience. You will feel and look fabulous. 

Wearing your corset

Our corsets are designed to not just fit your curves, but also your lifestyle and personality.

We challenge ourselves, and you, to re-imagine how to view corsets. Not just for weddings and other fancy dress occasions, but afternoons out with friends, the office…we create corset styles for all of the occasions in your life.


Miss Psyche Chimère
Custom Corset
Kirk Whitmer is an incredible designer of high-end women’s corsets. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a high-end, well-made custom garment, and anyone who wants a stunningly beautiful, comfortable, and uniquely-flattering corset.
Nadia V.
Custom Corset
The corset I got from deux lunes was custom made to fit my body shape. The design was precisely thought out. It emphasized the best features and concealed the flaws of my figure. It took a few fittings to get the final product. Kirk was polite and patient with me.
Andrea P.
The Minimal
I've never inteded to wear a corset but I received one as a gift from my sister. I'm not really curvy at all, and when I first put on the corset, I couldn't believe it! I have a waist! I love the flattering shape and I'm also surprised at how comfortable the corset is.