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A deux lunes corset is designed to recognize the needs and lifestyle of the modern woman. From fancy dress occasions, to afternoons out with friends, to the office, we create corsets in styles for all of the occasions in your life.

Purchasing a deux lunes corset is a process, but one that we believe will be an enjoyable one. We are there leading you through every step. Our goal is to provide you with a corset that not only fits your curves, but also your lifestyle and personality; a garment that will be with you for many years of special moments. We work with you to create a corset with your ideal fit, your desired silhouette, the fabric of your choice, and embellishments to truly personalize it.

Still more questions about our corsets? Some of the more common ones are below. And we will definitely be adding more as we hear from you. Feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions you have.

I’ve never worn a corset before. Why should I invest in a made-to-measure corset?

Of course we cannot tell you how to spend your money, but an inexpensive and poor fitting corset is probably the fastest way to turn you off corsets forever. A high-quality, well-fitting corset will not only be most flattering on you, but also the most comfortable to wear. We have had a number of first time corset clients and we love the process of teaching them about their new corset.

What is the difference between ready-to-wear, made-to-measure, and bespoke?

Our ready-to-wear corsets come in standard sizes based on current industry standards and are designed to fit a wide range of women. You simply select the size and the fabric. Our ready-to-wear designs can also be custom fit to your measurements. See made-to-measure immediately below.

A made-to-measure corset is created from one of our deux lunes designs, and patterned to fit your exact measurements. You select any of our in-house fabrics, or we can find a new fabric for you. We may even be able to use your own fabric for your corset. (For more information on this see What are my fabric options?) Finally, we work with you to find the perfect finishing details, from lace applique, to beading, decorative hardware pieces, or any other ideas you may have.

A bespoke corset is for our clients who want something truly unique. The process is much the same as for our made-to-measure corsets, but the design can range from a minor variation of a deux lunes’ design, to a completely new design, or a corseted gown (hint, hint you brides to be). This is the option for the woman who wants a truly unique addition to her wardrobe.

How do I find my size for a ready-to-wear corset?

Measure your natural, uncorseted waist.
Extra Small: 23-25 in
Small: 25-27 in
Medium: 27-29.5 in
Large: 29.5 – 32.5 in
Extra Large: 32.5 – 35.5 in

What can I expect when purchasing a ready-to-wear corset?

To order a ready-to-wear corset you need only select your size and fabric. You can select from any of our in-house corset fabrics. It will be available for in-store pick up or shipped to you as soon as we can construct it, generally 1 to 3 weeks depending on our work schedule. Because we buy our fabrics in limited quantities, all or our corsets are made to order. If you love one of our ready-to-wear corset styles, but desire a more customized fit, a different embellishment, or anything else, then contact us to set up a consultation.

What can I expect when purchasing a made-to-measure or bespoke corset?

For a made-to-measure or bespoke corset it all starts with a one-on-one consultation. After the consultation, you will be given an estimated price for your corset. Before beginning any work on your corset pattern we require a non-refundable deposit of 50€. You will then be contacted to schedule one or more test fittings of your corset. Once all fabric and embellishment decisions have been made we will provide you with the final price for your corset. In our experience this price rarely varies by more than ten percent of the estimate given at your consultation, assuming you have not requested any major changes to the originally design. Once the final fitting is completed you will be required to make a second deposit of half the final cost of the corset. Depending on the complexity of the design your corset will take about one week to finish. Payment in full is required before we able to put your corset into your hands.

What happens during my consultation?

The consultation is a discussion of everything you are looking for in your corset: fabrics, edging, trim, lacing, embellishments, shape, silhouette, etc. Be sure to let us know any other important considerations, such as known body asymmetries, or your intended use for your corset. The more information you provide us the better we are able to create the corset you desire. We highly recommend making a list of what you are looking for and bring it to the consultation so that you do not forget anything. Lastly, we will take your measurements to develop your personal pattern.

How are fittings done?

From your personal measurements we create a pattern and a fit sample of your corset. Because a corset is a very personal garment, the fit sample allows us to test the pattern on you and fine-tune the fit to your body. This information is then used to make improvements to your corset pattern. Because of the complexity of properly fitting a corset it is common to require two or more fittings. This is included in the total cost of your corset and there are no additional costs for fittings.

Whenever possible, fittings are performed in the deux lunes atelier in Wuppertal, Germany. If so desired we can also arrange to come to you. We also have experience with doing long-distance fittings. When required we will give you all the details about this during your initial consultation.

What if I am unable to travel to the deux lunes atelier?

Ideally, consultations and fittings take place in-person at our deux lunes atelier, or alternately in a location convenient for both of us. We are located in Wuppertal, in the Nordrhein-Westfalen area of Germany. We do also travel a bit during the year, within both Europe and the U.S. We encourage you to contact us and we can let you know about any upcoming travel that might bring us to your area. Otherwise, we will handle your consultation via phone, Skype, email, or any combination of these. We do have experience in working with clients long distance, but remote fittings and other design considerations will increase the time to create your corset.

How long will it take for my corset to be finished?

This might be the hardest question to give an answer to without a bit of information about the corset you desire. Ready-to-wear corsets are normally ready within 1 to 3 weeks of you placing your order, depending on our work schedule. For made-to-measure and bespoke corsets four to six weeks is normal, but there are many factors that can affect this. These include our current work schedule, complexity of design (more complex designs normally require more fittings), embellishments, and fabric searches. We recommend setting up a consultation and after we understand the corset that you want we can give you a much better timeline for the completion of your corset.

How much do your corsets cost?

The cost of a corset varies greatly depending on the fabric choices, embellishments, complexity of design, and other fit factors. A basic underbust corset starts around 400€ and a basic overbust begins around 600€.

Simply looking for a basic corset piece to add your everyday wardrobe, or maybe you would like to ease your way into the world of corsets? We encourage you to check out our Minimal line of waistcincher corsets. As the name implies they provide minimal shaping and are a great statement accessory, starting around 200€.

What are my fabric options?

We are always searching for new fabrics to add to our inventory and only select the highest quality natural fibers. Corsets are often worn close to or against the skin and natural fibers are much better at breathing than synthetics. To keep a larger variety of fabrics we purchase them in small amounts. Because of this we make all our corsets, including the ready-to-wear designs, when you place your order. You can see our full range of our in-house fabrics. Not seeing something that you love? We will also shop to find you other fabric options. Just let us know what you have in mind.

If you have a fabric that you would like us to use for your corset, please bring it or a sample to your consultation. Not all fabrics are suitable for corsets, but we will do our best to assist you with this. As a general rule only non-stretch, woven fabrics can be used for a corset.

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We understand that ordering a corset can be a bit overwhelming. No worries, we are here for you every step of the way.

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